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The Flash Schedule for 2009

2009-04-19 23:36:23 by GunBooster

...which is sure to deviate eventually. I mean, I'm a lazy bastard. Anyway.

Here's what to expect from me animation-wise in 2009. Expect. Hm. Don't rest too heavily on these expectations. The next Flash I want to do (and possibly have out by May) is a remake of a Flash I made almost 3 years ago. I want to release it near or on the original's 3-year-anniversary. I'm not gonna be updating just the graphics, I'm gonna do a full-blown re-imagining of the entire song, altogether. (Does that hint help? We'll see.) I'm also planning on remaking another Flash for its 3rd birthday, but that's not 'til later this year. (October, maybe. There's your hint.) So, yeah. You're going to be seeing possibly 2 remakes from me this year. (They were pretty popular Flashes back in their day. One was recently beaten on YouTube for my most viewed video.)

Take note that *HYPERANIMATION! is going to be under hiatus until further notice, because I want to re-work the character designs so that every character looks SOMEWHAT different. (a.k.a. Not all of the characters are going to have the big-eyed Dack look or the white-eyed Mr. Oven Mitts look.) I'm toying around with some character designs, and might post them soon. This means that you can also expect the first episode to be completely re-animated. What this means about my other potential animated series, "Spence and Company", I cannot say. That's still in development stages, and I haven't even worked out scripts for the first couple of episodes yet. Hell, I haven't even finalized character designs. "Spence and Company" might still be a long ways off.

Anyway. On to other animations. I very badly want to make some short films in Flash. By short, I mean a few minutes. Just some ideas cooking in my head that might translate well into short animated films. We'll have to see. I also planning on making a few Wreckless Media Radio animations, but ideas for those are still in the air. (Seriously, besides the sitcom thing I did and LazyMuffin's take on Brian Berris' Aristocrat Joke, there aren't too many good "clean" bits on the show... segments without a shitload of side comments from those who aren't talking, or segments that fit well into the format.)

Then, there's the return to form. I used to do a shitload of music-video-style Flashes back in the day, and I think I wanna bring that back. (Hence, the two remakes I want to do.) Other than that, the aforementioned short films would, most likely, revolve around music (much like "Where's My Homework?" did.) However, there's that whole "rights" thing, where putting Flashes on YouTube is dangerous, because they could just as easily be removed due to copyright claims or whatever. It seems kind of selfish to abandon perfectly good songs because I want to put them on YouTube, but if you go to my YouTube page and see my most-viewed video, it's "The Fuck You Song", a music video of "Another F.U. Song" by Reel Big Fish. Shit netted me about 70,000 views as of this posting. Second-most viewed? "Cheer Up!", with about 45,000 views as of this post. So, obviously, YouTube is a pretty good market to post these as well, and if I can't post them on there, then I'm only half-motivated. Seriously, I think "The Fuck You Song" alone has gotten me the majority of subscribers on there. Now, this could just as easily be related to the fact that everyone on YouTube appears to be a 12-year-old retard, which means the reason that "The Fuck You Song" is my most-viewed is pretty obvious. And, let's be honest: I'm never gonna top that video in pure offensive essence, mainly because I don't know a song quite as offensive as that (which, I guess Reel Big Fish should be proud of. Though, they have some other really fun, mean songs.)

The songs used in these music videos, though? Well, I could technically use Rory's music, because he's my friend and all (not to mention the exposure he'd get if it's good enough.) Maybe another Reel Big Fish video. (Maybe even "Dateless Losers", after all these years?) I also want to do a Between the Buried and Me song. Badly. They're slowly becoming my new favorite band (possibly toppling Reel Big Fish from that position.) Unfortunately, their songs would fit a very small niche, as they're progressive metal with screaming lyrics, and very deep lyrics at that. Most of the people on the internet would be too stupid to grasp the themes conveyed in the songs, myself included. (Their songs are flexible enough that you can walk away with your own meaning, rather than theirs.) There are a few songs from their album "Alaska" that I'd love to do, including the title track, but there's already an official music video for that song, and the ideas in my head for a Flash based on the song are highly inspired by the official video. If not that, there's another song I could do, and I understand the theme of the song well enough that I wouldn't create some piece-of-shit abortion that's totally missing the point. (The song I have in mind is one of those songs that has a very solid meaning, and it's a little difficult to deviate from it unless you take the lyrics too literally.)

I've also REALLY wanted to animate BTBAM's album "Colors" in its entirety. That's over an hour, split into 8 different tracks. Each of the tracks (well, the first two are technically the same song, so... 7) would tell a different story. For instance, the song "Sun of Nothing" is perfect for telling a story in this fashion, but I really don't think including JUST that song would do the album justice. You might see some "Colors" out of me, but possibly not in 2009. Still, the idea of me posting an hour-and-five-minute-long Flash animation to sites like deviantART and Newgrounds is pretty damn exciting. I think the thing that's stopping me, besides the sheer massive size of the project, is the fact that I might totally desecrate the meanings of the songs. Thankfully, the album's official website includes the band's meanings for each song, as well as some kick-ass wallpapers based on each. I have all 7.

There's also the fact that BTBAM is coming out with a new album sometime this year, and so is Reel Big Fish. If the timing is right, you could see music video Flashes based on some of the new songs later in the year. We'll have to see. I have NO idea what the tracklist is like for either of the new albums, nor do I know when exactly they're coming out. Reel Big Fish's is supposed to come out sometime "later this year", an I haven't heard ANY details on BTBAM's new album. Speaking of new albums, but completely unrelated to Flash animation (possibly), Dream Theater's 10th album is coming out June 23rd, and I'm pumped. Might have to splurge on that 3-CD deluxe edition...

Also, as much as I'd like to animate another huge, one-song album (Dream Theater's "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory"), that one's even BIGGER than Colors, and it has MUCH more of a fan following, meaning any attempt to animate it might just be shut down altogether. However, we might be seeing it years down the road. Depends on whether I stop sucking at this "animation" thing.

So, there's a general idea of what's to come out of me in 2009. This isn't set in stone, but these are just ideas I'm tossing around. As for the actual content I produce... we'll have to see. Rant mode deactivated. Now, if you'll excuse me, I beat the Endless Setlist 2 on Rock Band 2 this morning, and my fingers are bleeding.

The Flash Schedule for 2009

The Big Move, Work

2009-01-14 13:17:05 by GunBooster

Whelp, last Saturday was mah burfdai. And I used it to move. But, I was turning 19 that day, and nothing really happens when you turn 19, so it wasn't that devestating. The best part is that the new place I'm at now is WAY THE FUCK bigger than my old place, which was essentially one room that had our kitchen, bedroom, and living room, all in the same space. Oh, and there was a bathroom off to the side. It was shit. NOW, we have a room with working heat, a HUGE living room with a kitchen area, two bedrooms (since me an' Tyler have two new roomates), and a shitload of hallways. Yet, we still only have one bathroom. :C Ah, well. I've seen other 4-person apartments in this building, and they're MUCH smaller than this one.

But, yeah. All the pros are outweighing the cons of living farther away from the school, as well as living with 3 other people (as opposed to just one other.) The elevators in our building work, as far as I know, there's no mice in our room, our thermostat is actually UNDERSTANDABLE, we have a tub instead of one of those bullshit glass-door stand up showers, we have a bigger fridge, we're on the 10th floor of the building, as opposed to the 2nd floor corner we used to be in (which, you cuold imagine, was MURDER on garbage morning... which was EVERY morning), and... well, there's MORE SPACE! Hell, my one roomate has an Xbox 360, so now we have every game console, and even an N64! That might keep me distracted from schoolwork...

GAH! Back to talking about the room. The one bad thing about the room is that we don't have internet right now. We're planning on GETTING it, but Verizon is being a huge pain in the ass, and we're pretty much powerless. We'll eventually talk to the R.A. and figure out how to get the internet. Needless to say, I'll be on here a lot less.

This might affect my Flash career, as far as Newgrounds goes... if only for a little while. I've got an animation for a website (for pay) coming up in a few days, and I'm gonna be part of a project on here that ISN'T the Street Fighter collab. Let's just say I won't be doing something comedy-based, which will let me focus on my animation. I've wanted to do something not-comedy... ish for a while now, so this is exciting for me. I'm glad to be part of this group.

So, here's the breakdown of what I'm going to try to accomplish in the coming months or weeks: I'm going to try and crank out one more Nibble so I can put Nibbles 2 on here. If you don't know, "Nibbles" is my series of little Flash shorts that normally wouldn't stand alone (as evidenced by the fact that, after the symbols in "Nibbles 1" got fucked up, I submitted 3 of them here and they all got scores around 3.5... which isn't BAD per se, but...) Well, I'm being less stupid this time and this time all 6 Nibbles in "Nibbles 2" will be in one easy-to-watch Flash file. Hopefully, that'll be up by Saturday.

On Saturday, I'm meeting with the people who are going to give me some work... namely, a Flash animation for their website. I can't put it on here, but I suppose I can link the website to a future news post, so you all can see the animation, and give this site a little traffic. That could take me a while, but I'm hoping no more than 2 weeks. I mean, I cranked out "A *HYPERANIMATION! Christmas" in 2 weeks somehow... I think I can manage this one, with all the all-nighters I do these days. After that, I want to start either working on *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2, or a test Flash to send of the leader of this little Flash group I mentioned before. Trust me, I planned on getting *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2 started when I got back to Philly... but the circumstances that have come up might make that a little difficult. I'm trying to make it all work.

Other than those main points, I might try to get some other mini-Flashes (a.k.a. "Probably more Nibbles") done when I have free time. Mostly, these little Flashes will let me practice things that I need to work on in my animations, such as walk cycles or body language. (Or more varied characters... since all of my characters seem to be white males that have oval-shaped heads and big, blocky eyebrows.)

Lemme clarify this for anyone whose head is malfunctioning. Here's the order I hope to get shit done:

-Nibbles 2 (hopefully due this weekend)
-Animation for website
-Test animation for Flash group (hopefully he'll let me submit it on the portal, as well)
-*HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2 and other future episodes
-Other assorted Nibbles and test Flashes

I also might be starting a digital graphic novel, based on a character I've been wanting to do a story for for a WHILE. I'll link you guys to the deviantART pages if I ever get done with that.

So, hope you all have a good January!

Sitting in Typography class, slowly going insane at the sound of the retard teacher's voice,

The Big Move, Work

Deck the Halls with Dack and Oven Mitts

2008-12-15 11:48:58 by GunBooster

I really got lazy with this Flash. Started around the 7th, and now, a week later, I'm about halfway done. I REALLY want to get this thing done before I leave for break next weekend, and I'm definitely putting this thing out before Christmas (since it IS a Christmas Flash, as opposed to a winter Flash.)

As if the title wasn't enough to give it away, here's a teaser image to whet your virtual whistles. Look for something this weekend. Most likely.

Also, can someone explain why my user picture and icon have yet to change? Does this process take a long time?

Deck the Halls with Dack and Oven Mitts

Okay, so.

I hear there's this Winter Flash-contest thingy-mabobber, correct? I figure I might as well enter. Making a Flash in 30 days sounds like a good challenge to me. So, if there's anyone who actually gives two shits about *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2... you'll have to wait a bit longer for production to re-commence. Because I'm poor and in college and if I get in the top 10 I get $250 in cold hard cash or something. Besides, at least you'll see some new animation out of me, right? Right?! IS ANYONE THERE?! I KNOW I HAVE FANS SOMEWHERE!! I CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR. ...AND YOUR LOATHING. OF ME. NO, THAT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE A "FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS" REFERENCE. NEVER SAW THE MOVIE. WAS IT GOOD? CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.

Even if I don't manage to win this holiday Flash-fest, (highly likely that I won't), I'll be putting "Nibbles 2" on here shortly. For those of you who don't know what Nibbles is, it was going to be "Crazy Rory", "Abduction", "The Drunk Witness", and three other, older short Flashes all in one compilation. But over the years I've been using the same Symbol names in Flash so I GUESS I'M FUCKED, HUH?! This time, I've been making the Nibbles as separate scenes in their own Flash file, so uploading them all in the same Flash will be cake. I'm stupid. I mean, I WAS stupid. In the past. Last year-ish. I'm tired. I've been up for 22 hours.

As for "Project Gotta Get Some Action" mentioned in the last news post (I'm gonna assume at least ONE person read it...), I'm gonna put that on hold and focus on finishing Season 1 of *HYPERANIMATION!, like I originally planned. I'll stop flip-flopping decisions soon enough. I promise. Not really. To be completely honest, I've been a lazy fucker when it comes to *HYPER! Episode 2. I really don't have that much done. Hell, I don't even have the first scene done. What am I DOING with my life? I'm so fat. I'm worthless.

Seriously, though. After December's over, I'm gonna be putting out a lot of shit. And by shit, I mean Flashes. Not shit as in shit. And by "shit" I mean... well, you know what I mean. There's a "Turd of the Week" trophy for a reason. Look forward to "Nibbles 2", *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2, (I'm shooting for February?), and a few others here and there. I know I have a fan. You're out there. Somewhe-AH HAH!! I SAW YOU!! DON'T TRY TO HIDE FROM ME, YOU IRISH FUCK!!

I'm gonna go to class and get some sleep, now. Here, have a random image.

So thar havin' a winter flash-off naw?

A Change of Plans

2008-10-28 22:05:45 by GunBooster

Alright, here's the deal: I've had the first few seconds of *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2 rotting on my hard drive for quite some time now. So, I decided to do something about it. I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news? *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2 is still going to come out eventually. The bad news? It's not going to be my main focus for the next few months.

I don't want to say that I'm getting bored of Dack and Mr. Oven Mitts. On the contrary. I love those guys. Hell, they won me 500 bucks when the amazing ixintro should have gotten it. The thing is... I have a few more projects lined up that I want to do. There are a few shorts I'm working on, as well as a whole new series. Yes, I'm already developing a new series... the one that will eventually succeed *HYPERANIMATION! That is the main focus of this news post.

The new series, in question, will be more adult than *HYPERANIMATION! It will feature three college buddies: one's the cool main guy (who's name is in the title), one is an internet nerd with a horrible sense of humor (probably because he spends a lot of time on a certain imageboard...) and is the main annoyance of the titular character. The third is the other guy, who's good friends with both of the above mentioned characters, but tends to go along with #2's crazy schemes, often ruining the main character's day.

I originally had this series, code-named "Gotta Get Some Action", planned to be started AFTER the first season of *HYPERANIMATION! (the first 5 episodes) were done. However, I'm itching to try my hand at more mature humor again, (like my old comic days), and I think I'll alternate between the two series, in terms of new episodes. For example, now that Episode 1 of *HYPERANIMATION! is done, I think the first episode of this new series will follow. And then *HYPERANIMATION! And then this new one. The good thing about this is that I already have almost all of the first season of *HYPERANIMATION! recorded, save for Episode 3, since Rina-Chan offered her voice to the series, and I made a girlfriend character for Dack 'specially for her. All I gotta do in this case is make the scripts for the first few episodes of this new series.

So, there you go. If you're waiting for Episode 2 of *HYPERANIMATION!, don't hold your breath. But, rest assured, it's coming. I'm just hoping that I don't fall into that pit of laziness and 2-year-between-episode waits that most Flash animators these days find themselves in.

So, look forward to a preview of the new series... possibly soon, and a few shorts here and there. Heck, I'm even debating doing a half-hour short movie that I have planned. My drive (and the amount of homework that I get) will determine exactly what I can do in the future.

Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love!

2008-07-15 07:49:02 by GunBooster

So, I'm finally here in Philly, and my college adventure has just begun. I got my MacBook, AND Adoe Creative Suite in the mail yesterday. The Mac is awesome, and I get Photoshop, DreamWeaver and Flash in the Suite.

The only problem with the MacBook is that it doesn't have a VGA/DMI port, of which there is an adapter to connect a serial device to, namely, my tablet. (My roomie, Tyler, has a MacBook Pro which DOES have the port, which is why I expected mine to have it.) Even IF I could find the adapter, it seems Macs don't support serial tablets. (The only reason I have a serial tablet instead of a USB is because my uncle gave me his that he doesn't really use, after I found out that the one they gave for Christmas two years ago causes Flash to crash unexpectedly.)

So, I guess I'll have to put up with the latter of the two tablets until this Christmas, where the possibility of me getting an actual USB Wacom exists. ...It sucks, being poor.

I know that at least a FEW of you are waiting for *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2, among other Flashes I might throw out at you. I promise I'll get to work on those ASAP.

The only thing that would get in the way of my animating is, ironically, my school schedule. Naturally, you don't start hands-on animation classes in your first quarter, so I won't be doing stuff for school for a while. Doesn't help that I have to get up brutally early on Mondays and Tuesdays, but hey, that's college.

tl;dr Problems with the tablet, trying to resolve, college is fun but hard.

Wondering if he'll think it's too quiet at night back at home,

So, here's the good news: I'm getting a MacBook for college earlier than I anticipated because we can pay it off on a monthly basis, as well as having applied for a Juniper Visa. It's even going to come with Adobe Creative Suite, and I get a "free" 8G iPod Touch!!

The bad news? Adobe Creative Suite is on back-order, so it's coming a few weeks later. (2 or 3 weeks.) So, don't expect any new animations (or the start of *HYPERANIMATION! Episode 2) once I go off to college, unless I obsessively use their labs for a few weeks. At least now I don't have to worry about pirating Flash. I've gotten word that the Suite should be coming in early August.

I can also get my tablet to work on the thing apparently, with a small adapter. (It's a serial tablet, not a USB...)

In terms of new stuff, I've made a few short Flashes since Episode 1, so I'm going to do the 5th, and post the 5 of them here in a mini-compilation called "Nibbles". (Can't guarantee I'll have it up tomorrow like I want to...)

Some good news and bad news...

I'm a lazy ass.

2008-06-30 02:22:25 by GunBooster

O...kay. Didn't really succeed in doing much of Episode 2 of *HYPERANIMATION!

Well, I'm back from the beach, and I'm leaving for Philly (and college) on the 10th. Once I get moved in, I'll start Episode 2, with my new Wacom.

Like I said, I want to get done with Episode 5 by the end of 2008. Hopefully, that will be possible. And, if you people keep liking the episodes, I'll make a second season.

Not sure if you will, though, since I'm keeping the kid-friendly, PG-style of the show. There will be some adult jokes, but they'll be subtle. Kind of like Animaniacs. Except not as good.

I'm a lazy ass.

Episode 2 is coming!

2008-05-20 12:46:33 by GunBooster

Hey, any fans I might have! We've already recorded the audio for episodes 2, 4 and 5 of *HYPERANIMATION!! (Episode 3 is being written currently, since Rina-Chan wants to jump on board and I made a special character just for her.) Also, Jordan Marquez (aka MaxJ) of "Pink Color" fame, is doing some voices as well.

So, for those of you who are asking when episode 2 is going to be out... it'll probably be July. I have two weeks at the beach in June, and I'm off to college in mid-July. So, hopefully, I can get episode 2 done before the big move.

Glad to see I have so many fans! I'll try not to keep you waiting.

Thanks, y'all!

2008-03-27 21:51:22 by GunBooster

Once again, thank you all. I got me first Daily Feature! Arr!

Anyway. Maybe it gets on the front page. Maybe it doesn't. We'll just wait it out. (I would LOVE to get my first front page, though. C'mon, Tom. Help a rookie out.)

And, for those of you who are saying that I copied Eddsworld's style... Edd reviewed the Flash both on here AND Sheezyart, and he liked it. He never once accused me of something like that.

Anyway, glad you guys are liking the Flash. Like I said, future episodes are in the works, and they will improve greatly.

Also, check out my deviantART page for more tomfoolery of the sort.

And now, THIS:

Thanks, y'all!